Gary & Chester: A raccoons life…

Elbows resting on the banister of my front porch, I was enjoying a can of Earth Rider and a cigarette, as a prepared to venture out to Sir Ben’s for the Evening. My apartment rests in the middle of an avenue, across from an empty parking lot. From the shadows of this parking lot, emergedContinue reading “Gary & Chester: A raccoons life…”

Muslims… and Sugar Babies (part deux of dos’)

“Hey Jay! You were right man, he ain’t no fuckin’ Muslim!” *********************FREEZE FRAME!************** That’s what my new friend James, shouting at his brother about me as he walked toward the door to go outside for a dart. This may seem out of context, and it was for everyother person in the bar; including his brotherContinue reading “Muslims… and Sugar Babies (part deux of dos’)”

Muslims… And Sugar Babies (Part uno of II)

Good afternoon sports fans! Do you guys remember when people used to say that when they walked into a room? No? Ya me neither! Anyways, I know last time we talked, I said that I’d see you tomorrow, and I also know, that it has been a dozen tomorrows since I’ve posted something. To beContinue reading “Muslims… And Sugar Babies (Part uno of II)”

You’re 5 foot nothin’, 100 and nothin’, and you have barely a speck of athletic ability.

Originally posted on Adam Herman's Page:
Hey there. It’s me, Adam. We’re kicking it ol’ skool here and doing a blog post. I know, right? 2017 called… amIright? Hey, I’m still a fan of the blog, though. It may not be as retro as the diary, and it doesn’t have the utility of the podcast.…

All Done Dreamin’…

All Done Dreamin’…. So here I stand, day 26 of my journey, logging my 3rd blog entry. I promise that we will actually talk about the places I’ve been, and the adventures I’ve had, soon enough. It’s always been my dream to become a writer, and since I quit my job to pursue that dream,Continue reading “All Done Dreamin’…”

Before adventure became reality, it was an Idea.

So, I’m about two months into van life, with the past two weeks actually being spent on the road, traveling. I realise that as far as van life goes, I’m coming into the game far too late to pioneer the movement, nor am I consciously doing anything to revolutionize; I’m just living in a van,Continue reading “Before adventure became reality, it was an Idea.”


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